I get a lot of practice with this in my current position. I went from OR nurse where my patients were asleep - to case manager where I help them navigate a new cancer diagnosis. They are terrified - rightfully so. Anger is one of Fear's favorite cover stories and as I listen to whatever they're hurling at me - I know it's never about me. I haven't done or said a damn thing. They are scared out of their minds. And I have no magic words to fix what is really going on. But you would be amazed what happens when you see through the anger or whatever cover story they're throwing at you. Don't take it personally. Don't react. Hang in with them to where the rubber hits the road. Sometimes you can help. Other times you have to just let yourself know - this isn't about me at all and either remove yourself or kindly hold your boundaries. But it takes the sting out of it. If you only have to own your own shit. And not be responsible for what other people are trying to put on you. Goddess knows - our own is heavy enough. <3 And let me tell you - there are many days I really miss that 'patient is asleep' part of my old job. HAHAHA ;)

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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