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The Most Precious Thing On The Planet- The Future

I’m watching my grand daughters this week and I had to put my oldest one on a school bus this morning. And because she is seven and blissfully innocent — I had to act like I am not scared shitless to let her out of my sight. To trust her care and safety to people who are ill equiped to provide it — here in a nation which denies them the the tools they need to keep our children safe.

So I hug her extra hard and kiss her. And I pour my love and protection around her like a shield. Nana Armour.

The Grace. That’s what we’re all doing right now. Putting our kids on buses and putting our faith in The Grace and hoping it holds for our families. Like a magic spell we cast over them

Every person does it. We never will believe the bad shit will ever happen to us.

We stick our heads in the sands. We pray. We think if we don’t ‘think’ it will somehow ‘passover’ our families. We don’t dwell; we paint our doorways with lamb’s blood and offer up some other sacrifice to The God(s).

We can live our lives in gratitude. With nonattachment. We can be vegan. We can be debt free. Not drink — not do drugs. Go to temple, church, or the mosque regularly. We can work at a local shelter or soup kitchen, be a pastor, or a nurse. We can pour ourselves out for the good of humanity. We can pay it forward. We can practice yoga and meditate.

We can wear protective amulets and burn incense. We can offer up intentions and thoughts and prayers. We can hold our mouths right, buy the best security system ever. Vote. Participate. Be model citizens and responsible adults.

We can floss.

In the end — it won’t protect you, your child, your congregation, your students, your elders in their nursing home, or your coworkers from the people who have unfettered access to guns and ammunition. UNFETTERED.

The Grace. Right now — that’s all I’ve got. There but for The Grace.

But — the other half of my brain screams into the void — What the fuck is wrong with people??? And why isn’t anyone giving The Grace a hand with this shit?

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