I believe my walk/saunter/waddle is rather care-free — because of my ‘fuck it’ attitude. Once you get to the point when you understand all that you wrote in this piece — you begin to see how truly amazing you are just as you are. You are fucking magic in a world of muggles who form themselves into gangs with secret codes in a muggle language you’ll never learn.

But that’s ok — because deep down — you know you’re magic and underneath it all — they are insecure beings who are afraid to be you. They are afraid to face the world on their own. Without reinforcements.

And you are not. Your life has trained you — has taught you this — YOU are the scariest thing which lives in the forest. .

As an adult — I turned all my wallflower — the world doesn’t get me — people are assholes stories into the most hilarious stand up tales. Your friend and her 21st birthday is a story I could get a lot of mileage out of if it was me. Because people being assholes to each other just make THEM look bad. And pointing that out with humor is a super power you can mine for gold.

I loved all of this. If I could have highlighted the whole of it without looking like simpering fan girl — I would have. Oh — wait — I AM a simpering fan girl.

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned