I believe in humanity. Period. As a divorced straight woman — when someone inquires into the ‘status’ of who I might be having sex with I only have one answer for them — “None of your fucking business”.

Because really? What does who I’m having sex with have ANYTHING to do with ANYONE I’m having a casual, professional, or even private conversation with — unless I am also having sex with that person? NOTHING. Not. One. Thing.

So- The people I AM having sex with — yes — those are the people who get to know my sexual preferences, perogatives, leanings, and other intimate knowledge of who I am. Not the Jehovah Witnesses who knock on my door, not the guys who are laying my carpet, no one I am encountering in my day to day world.

I’m a middle aged woman with purple hair, tattoos, on motorcycle with a bad attitude. And a feminist to boot. Trust me — a lot of straight guys assume I’m a lesbian. I. Don’t. Care.

Because I know who I am — and the people who don’t know me aren’t worth my breath to sort out. I got a life to live. I have a lot of neutral people in the world to wish metta on. Throw some on your Jehovah Witnesses & the carpet dudes and call it good.

Let go of your guilt sweetheart. The Universe wants us all to be ourselves and be happy. ❤

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned