I began at 39. With all the above. Hormone replacement gave me migraines. Which stayed even after the hormones were discontinued. I made it through without much medical intervention until the massive blood loss. But it was more than physical- it was emotional. A lot in my life was imploding and my body was simply reflecting all the stuff I’d repressed for decades. She would no longer tolerate my inattention. I eventually changed every single thing about my life. And I got a Mirena. Ten years later past the massive blood loss — I’m still learning and healing. But the chaos — for the most part is gone. Kali came and destroyed my life. And like a Phoenix a new more enriched one rose from the ashes.

May you find yourself through this process. May you learn to befriend the creature who is your body. May Kali burn it all down so that something 100 times more beautiful may grow.

As it happens with The Crones. ♥️

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned