I am so sorry that you have not been able to be in the presence of Your Magical Creatures. I also have another daughter who lives in New England and I have not seen her or her husband in a very long time. When I am home, I write note cards every week or so to My Magical Creatures. Sometimes I include stickers — other times it’s just a few sentences — printed so they can read them — to let them know I’m here. In their Lives. Forever. And exactly how much I miss them and love them. A friend of mine started doing the same with his grandchildren although his are too young to read the cards just yet. But I know — in writing to The Magical Creatures — I can explore my feelings for them. I can make sure they have it in writing that I love them and miss them with all my heart. According to my daughter each one has kept every single note I’ve written them in a ‘treasure box’ of some nature. It is not the same, of course, as holding them and being in their presence. Nothing ever holds a candle to that. But occasionally, I will get a return note from one of them — mirroring my emotions of love and longing. I, too, have a ‘treasure box’ filled with every single missive and hand colored drawing I have received.

I hope soon you are able to hold your Magical Creatures — ALL OF THEM — in your arms. For there is nothing out there that holds as much Magic to heal us than our grandchildren.

Many blessings Dear Susan. Thank you so much for sharing this chapter in your life here. Please know you are not alone in your heartache. ❤

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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