I am not saying it is traumatic. I am saying it is not the cavalier alternative to birth control The Conservative Right is trying to sell it as.

The Right To Choose is a thoughtful decision made between a woman and her physician. Luckily in your case — with input from your partner.

Each woman’s story is different. I have been at the side of more women having this procedure than I can count. Complicated terminations — because the ones which are not — do not end up in a level one trauma center’s OR. They can be done in a less intense setting.

Every woman has a different experience.

These are the stories I choose to tell. Because I was the one who wrote this story. You can write your story as well. In fact, PLEASE write your story. We need ALL OF OUR STORIES to stop this madness.

Your point that not that all abortions are devastating to the women involved is well taken My point is this is a MEDICAL procedure with medical risks and potential complications — serious complications.

Because NOT having a termination also can have serious medical risks no one talks about. And the decision about whether it happens or not belongs in the hands of the woman it impacts.

The Woman who is pregnant.

Not anyone whose uterus is not involved in the procedure. And certainly not the government.

Again — we are on the same side. Splitting hairs about the cases I choose to write about is neither here nor there.

We all have voices. USE THEM! Or else this choice — for all of us is going to go away. Write about your experience — Write Fearlessly. Before it’s too late.

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned