I am grateful to the women who came before me who were jailed and beaten because they had the nerve to think they deserved the right to vote…those bitches! I am grateful to the women who marched in the streets and burned their bras and demanded a sexual revolution and set us free to have careers and divorces…those bitches! I am grateful to every woman every where who opens her mouth and screams so that my grand daughters will not wonder when we lost our voice…those bitches! Oh wait…that’s me! ;)

And it has not one thing to do with anyone who has a dick. It has to do with a System that needed an upgrade — and continues to need upgrades as often as your iPhone. Everyone should relax. There’s plenty of power to go around.

If the rich would just let loose of a bit of it… ;) regardless of THEIR gender, color, or nationality.

Ignore the ignorant and the haters. I swear — trolling is what some people do for a hobby. They need a Life. A real one. With other humans. And fresh air. And Nature. And sex. Everyone feels better after they get laid. ;)

Crystal…keep going…

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned