I also have a decades long history of anxiety. It can be completely dibilatating. When I feel it coming on these days — I can usually talk myself down — biofeed back is my miracle drug after nearly 20 years of yoga & meditation. What do I tell myself — you ask? I make a list of all the things I’ve actually worried about in my life — had panic attacks or anxiety about that have COME TRUE.

The list is short. Because there is NOTHING on it. Over 50 years of panic attacks and not one thing I worried about — that caused me to be panic stricken happened the way my brain thought it would.

With a track record like that — anxiety has such a poor track record in my life — it’s getting easier to ignore. :) Not completely gone mind you — but a very small presence in a really fabulous life.

Thanks for a great post and for sharing a common situation that most of us don’t really want to talk about.

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned