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Pain. One of the many unifiers of Humanity.

Professionally, as a nurse, I have inflicted my fair share of physical pain in the pursuit of healing. I have never told a patient “This won’t hurt a bit” when I damn well knew it would. Honesty is a key component of every relationship — however brief.

On a personal level, we all know — at least subconsciously — we will have to endure pain in Our Life. It’s part of the program. No one gets away without this. Some people hide theirs better or have more resources to manage it, or just plan seem to be blessed by The Universe. But rest assured — Everyone. Has. Pain.

In fact, the driving force, the greatest of Human ambitions seems to focus on finding relief for each Human’s Personal Chest Of Pain. We will drag it along with us where ever we go — adding or subtracting from its contents marginally if at all. We have even culturally named our emotional pain and if you say this one word — every Human knows exactly what pain you are describing.


We think we can hand off Our Pain to others. We think someone, somewhere out there has The Cure by which we make Our Pain disappear. We think if we take the advice of experts who seem to have their shit together we will be able to vanquish Our Pain. And never, ever have to have pain again.

As hard as this may be to take in right now, while you are bearing your incredibly heavy Personal Chest of Pain, realize pain is a sign of Life. It is an integral part of the Human Experience. We are here to learn to sit with Our Pain every bit as much as we are here to dance with Our Joy.

So very hard. A situation made for the phrase, “Easier said than done.”

Pain is a multifaceted emotion. It can be acute, chronic, physical, emotional, spiritual. You can pick up the vibe of the people around you and become entangled in their pain. Empaths don’t even need to know the people — they can pick the pain of strangers, creatures, trees even Gaia Herself.

All. The. Pain. Every single soul screaming for relief. All them begging, “Hold My Pain — for I cannot carry it for another moment.”

Our Pain is personal. Our Pain is fine-tuned specifically to our frequency. Only we know the combination to the lock on Our Personal Chest Of Pain. Only we can hold Our Pain.

We don’t need to know the details of each other’s pain. All we need to understand is this: We all have pain. Everyone. Everywhere.


“When it hurts — observe. Life is trying to teach you something.” — Anita Krizzen

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