Hmmmm. I wonder if it’s the lack of skin care regime! I’m an old white woman who has looked 10–15 years younger than stated age for the whole of my adult life. Like you — I just wash my face and throw on some lotion.

I just turned 60. I’m mistaken for my kids’ older sister often enough it’s a running joke.

But — the inner wisdom is there. The things you’ve seen. And survived.

No one knows that stuff when they look at your face.

Whenever I’m asked my secret for staying so young looking I tell people I’m actually a 1000 year old witch and I bathe every morning in the blood of the men I’ve sacrificed. 😆

Say it with a straight face. Then wait for it. The expressions are priceless.

Many blessings dear Vena!

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned