Historically — The Church has always been about power and repression. To think it will switch it’s message to one of Love and Acceptance now — is hopeful — but unlikely.

Realist — pragmatic — truth-telling Sagittarius here my friend.

To offer LGBTQ children — teens — adults and all women — because The Church ain’t too fond of them either — an alternative narrative of spirituality might be one of the kindest ways to support us. If Humans find their divinity — can develop a personal and solid relationship with The Universe — it’s a lot easier to call bullshit on any Human — even their own families — who deny them this.

We don’t have to make the Church accept anything — that likely is impossible. But as you are doing — and doing brilliantly — we can reach out to each other and keep reminding everyone who Oz really is behind the curtain. And that We all Had The Power all along. ❤

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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