Hey Kurt!

I appreciate your passion to use your gift to help focus us on the injustice and tragedy people subject people to — repeatedly — daily — without cause or reason. I have an agreement with The Universe however. My space is for Love and Peace. That is my passion and my weapon to fight that injustice. I am aware of the hatred and bigotry and my mandate is not to shine the light on the injustice but to pour Love on all things. Even the perpetrators. Because The Universe is in Love with all Beings. So yes, please, speak your truth. But you have your own outlet to do your own thing in. And my outlet is a place people come to try to learn how to Love. So — if you read my post and can look an ICE officer in the face and see them as a Human with their own story and their own truth to tell — in spite of what role they may have played in the drama called Life — I have reached you. If you can see them as someone confused/caught in their own ethical trap/with a family to feed/or a sick child who needs insurance/or any of a dozen reasons for their truth of why they feel they can not buck a bad system — then I have reached you. If you vote to change the system instead of targeting the pawns within the system as the bad guys — then I have reached you.

Because we are all Humans. Even the ones who are here for the first time, still learning how to BE Human — and doing a piss poor job of it. Love changes them in to better Humans. So if you want to bring Love here, then yes, please. But more bad news about more bad things — the people who come to read my posts are here because they know the world is fucked up and people are hurting, betraying, and killing innocents. It is a story as old as time.

So says The Witch — who in this life has asthma — which they tell me is from inhaling the smoke of my own burning.

Namaste my friend. Keep your passion. I love your style. And am so pleased you enjoy reading my posts. Come here to refresh your soul. Come anytime. Find Love. ❤

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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