Hey Jack! My two cents: BTW — I wrote and rewrote this. In case you’re wondering. :)

I think you are an amazing Human. I have read your books and your Medium posts. You provide wisdom to All The People — The Universe will see that Her message gets to where it needs to go.

The Inner Voices — or in this case — a Pissed Off Muse — is not necessarily our highest self. I find the critical voices are actually The Inner Critic — who was placed there at some point in our childhood but someone else. She is not your Muse at all if she is treating you so poorly.

Love — is the key. I’ve read your stuff. You know about the Magic. You know where to find it. Don’t let any bit of negativity — past, present or future — concern you.

You know it will all play out as its supposed to. Regardless of financial gain. We will all have what we need in abundance. There is no shortage. We ply our trade and make our way in the world with the gifts/talents/skills we were blessed with.

For me — I have this uber strong stomach and the ability to tolerate surgeons.. so I’m a nurse. :)

For you — you teach the way to Magic — and more. Your body deserves to be fed and sheltered no less than mine does for being a master at your craft.

Be kind to Jack. He’s one of my favorite people.

Tell your Muse to grow up. Or you both will starve. So says your friend — the very blunt and honest Sagittarius Witch.

Mind/body/spirit — all need attention. Your body is no less than any other. People forget that. It’s no crime to care for your physical self in the mix of all the rest.

You have permission to be successful. The Goddess loves Her Children no less when they succeed. Say what you need to say — and leave the rest up to Her.

With much love.

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned