Hello Jennifer! I write under my own name & always have. But my struggle is just all the things you mentioned. When I started here — I assumed NO ONE would give a crap about what I wrote. I mean — seriously, I was just expanding my journal & FB comments to a more permanent “Medium” for my family to have for someday. But lo and behold…things I wrote resinated with a few folks.. then a few more. And so now — here I am. Even my ex boyfriend and ex husband read my posts. So — how’s that for putting yourself out there for public consumption? And I have to be careful when I talk about work, people, patients, etc. If I write about a person in my life I always tell them. And I guard my family’s privacy as much as I can. But now that things are ‘growing’ — I wish at times for Harry Potter’s cloak of invisibility. And then I remember — I’m not really in control any way. The Universe is. So…I let go of my fearful thoughts and trust life. All is well and things will work out as they should if I listen to my inner wisdom and do not act from a place of fear.

That’s all I got. ❤

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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