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I fell in love with The Blues awhile back. But one of the secrets of The Blues is — contrary to its PR — The Blues, in fact, makes you feel GOOD.

The music itself wraps around Your Soul and touches you deep inside. The lyrics sing about All. The. Things. The Human condition. And suddenly you know you are not alone. Humanity suffers or rejoices with you — generations before and after you will have this very same experience.

We are united. We are One.

I discovered The Truth of The Blues as I lived My Life. As I listened to My Tribe. As I Loved My Children. As I held My Granddaughters. As I cared for strangers with care and empathy.

Love, Joy, Happiness — they are there every day for us. Our choice.

I refuse to mind The Nasty Old People. I have decided to be Happy For Good.


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Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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