HAHAHAHA! Well Played!!!!

Most of the women in my family put real color in the their hair. Not just blonde/brunette/redhead red. Crayon colors — rainbow colors. So if you’re feeling Pink — DO IT!!! I work with a woman who had teal bangs. It’s beautiful — mermaid teal! One of the nurses I used to work with in the OR was a breast cancer survivor — you know she had Breast Cancer Awareness Pink in her hair! It was stunning! And meaningful.

It only matters what makes you smile when YOU look in your own magic mirror. For too long women have let the reflection of other people’s opinions shape their idea of who they are and if they are beautiful.

When ever I arrange to meet someone for the first time — I tell them — You can’t miss me. I have purple hair. ❤

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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