Great article. Here’s a couple of my tips that keep my clutter to a dull roar. — If I buy something new — say some clothes — the same number of items have to leave my house. I keep a Good Will bag in my walk in closet so what goes up can immediately take the place of what’s coming down. I also do that hanger trick every New Years — I give it a year though. So every New Years I see what I never wore & make the decision. I got rid of most of my knick knacks & replaced them with plants who actually clean my air. I’m a grand mother — but instead of buying my grandkids toys all the time, I keep up to date on their sizes & conspire with my daughter to buy them what they need. Surprisingly — they are just as thrilled to get weird socks & PJs as they are the latest toy — and they use those more and think of me when they wear them.

Books are my downfall. I love real books. I buy them for my grand kids too. They are my krytonite. Still — I’ve joined a book exchange now & hope to get that addiction under control soon. :)

My next door neighbor is a true minimalist. The man only owns 5 shirts.

I know- right? I live next door to a master…I am attempting to learn the ways… LOL

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned