Gosh I hope not — that would be big news — I live smack in the middle of suburbia — under the flightpath of an international airport. In a town house community — stacked on top of another. Next to a park for cricket & kids to play in. There’s no place for a bear to hide. And I think he would have gone for our unlocked trash cans. There’s way more yummy stuff in those. I have friends in Upstate NY where I come from that have to lock up their cans to keep bears & raccoons out of them. Bear wasn’t even on my radar.

If a bear showed up in the neighborhood — it would make the 6pm news. Maybe for a couple nights running!

But ‘food’ for thought….now that you planted that ‘seed’. My ‘corny’ side is completely out this morning…. :)

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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