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Photo by Kelli McClintock on Unsplash

Do you revel in your good news as The Gift it truly is?

I was watching a comedy special with My Best Friend this weekend — Ronny Chieng — did he have Americans pegged!

We are complete assholes when it comes to our blessings and All. The. Great. Good. Things. In. Our. Lives.

Today Said Best Friend headed home after we spent the better part of January hanging out together. We had a blast! We did so many fun things and we were grateful for all the blessings that came our way.

I opened my mail today only to learn my mortgage payment was going DOWN for a change because my escrow account had too much money in it this year. And BTW — the overage has been transferred to my savings account.

My FB feed is full of luscious memories of a cruise my BFF and I took a few years back. I can smell the rum in the coconut just from looking at the photos.

The plumbers even called and have arranged to install my new toilet this week! I was expecting a longer wait because that’s the way the world works in general — but no! A new toilet! A gift!

It’s ALL a Gift.

Just look up! Life is full of good news.

Some days I can’t believe exactly how much Joy one day can hold.

Open your hands, open your heart. And laugh!


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