Good men are the majority. Like good nurses and good people everywhere. Sadly — it’s always the few bad apples — the unlearned souls, the beings still in training — who harm the pack and leave the bad taste in everyone’s mouth. Whenever someone comes to me with a horrible nurse tale — I always tell them — I make no excuse for people who should not be nurses. Sometimes we run across people who do us harm as they are learning to be humans — in many situations. I have been blessed to have in my life people of all walks of life who give me perspective. Old souls who know how to love in spite of the cloak of human error.

I have also been brutally wounded by New souls who only know how to lash out and take the pain they carry and inflict it on those around them. The trick is to realize — it is never about you. It is always about them.

Compassion is the gift we give ourselves. Life is an echo. As we show compassion — we find it comes back into our lives, many times over.

Remember when you look at a woman who is lashing out at men — she is also a hurt being. She will only learn that there are Good Men by showing her that truth. Those of us who are Old souls can help diminish the pain of on all sides of an issues with love and compassion and forgiveness.

Thank you for reading and responding. :)

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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