Good/Bad — Right/Wrong. Complex concepts. You are not incorrect because this a complex issue with a lot of perspectives and views.

There are issues in everyone’s life they feel drawn to — causes they take up and are willing to do battle for.

There are brutal acts of inhumanity the entirety of civilization cries out at the horror and pain of it.

There is cruelty humans perpetuate on other humans, other creatures, and on the Earth Herself which most of us witness with grief.

When I wrote this — I wrote this from the place I try to stand when the World and All The Things attempt to rob me of my Peace. When the chaos which is Life pulls at my Now and The Fear of Future or Regret of Past invade my mind and attempt to suck me into battles which do not need to be engaged.

I can do nothing about Tibet or China. Sadly. But I can turn inward and face my own internal voices which brutalize my inner being. And I can reach out as far as my reach will go and spread peace, kindness, and love. I can let my Echo not be one of division or hatred to add to the energy which already flows too freely from that pot.

I love your analogy of being Stars. Many times Stars are the only way others find their way home. If we are neither Sun nor Moon — then yes, please, let us be Stars for each other. Let us help each other Navigate Life.

Thank you for your thoughts. I know in many instances — I am also not Switzerland. Should any one come to harm my family — they would be facing the full fury of my Warrior Spirit — no holds barred and it would not be pretty. (I’m a damn good shot and I’ve taken Krav Maga. Perhaps this explains why I have so few suitors?? LOL)

However, these days — I try not to bring Her out if someone cuts me off in traffic. :)

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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