Goldilocks & The Three Cobras

A Magical Creatures Tale

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Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

She gathered all of us together and began slowly with all the theatrical drama of an oracle about to give a reading. Lights were low as she began her tale of mystery and magic.

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Goldilocks who went for a walk in the woods. She came upon a cottage and peeked inside the window. Much to her surprise, she saw a witch inside stirring a large cauldron and talking to three cobras.

Sadly for Goldilocks, the largest snake saw her and dashed out the door after her. The other two snakes followed her as the witch yelled for them to catch her and bring her back!

The largest snake reached out his tail as he caught up with the running girl and tripped her! She rolled on the ground as the two smaller snakes caught up with her and coiled around her. They carried her back to the witch’s cottage.

The witch was enraged that someone had found her cottage and immediately turned Goldilocks into a cobra. She was released and allowed to wander freely through the forest with the other cobras.

One day Goldilocks — the cobra — followed the smallest of the three cobras to the other side of the forest. She watched as the cobra went into a small cabin and met with a witch who looked a lot like the mean witch who had changed her into a snake. Only this witch was kind. Goldilocks looked on as the kind witch reversed her sister’s spell and turned the smallest cobra back into a boy!

Goldilocks then went into the cabin and the kind witch also returned her to her former self. Goldilocks was very thankful to the kind witch.

She went around the edge of the forest and found her way back home. There she stayed and she NEVER EVER went back into the forest again!

My seven-year-old granddaughter told us this tale one evening last week in a performance which included a large stuffed snake (very scary!), a crystal ball, lighting effects, and a magic wand. The ‘us’ were her two sisters, mother, father, and greatest fan — Nana.

I decided to write it down here for several reasons. First and foremost — I never want to forget the magic she spun that evening. I also wanted to share with my friends here on Medium her wonderful tale dreamed up from an off-hand joke we had made about Goldilocks and the three cobras earlier in the day. And finally — all proceeds from this story will be paid out to her. As it’s only fair — I’m just the scribe here. This is her story.


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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