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I was talking to a friend last night — My Person. We were reminiscing about our growing up days and the twists and turns in our respective lives. We were recounting various recent encounters we’ve had with various people of late and a theme began to emerge as it usually does in our conversations.

You see, when we were younger — she was the epitome of a Free Spirit. She taught me about wings and living life on your own terms. She loved boho and dresses. To this day as she’ll wear polka dots one day, gypsy queen the next. She wore skirts before skirts were cool. Always ahead of the trends — a touch of “I don’t give a fuck” about her. Even as a teenager she refused to fit into anyone’s box. Free Spirit.

I adored her then. I adore her now. She taught me much about being free.

But last night as we looked at the world, we both pondered the cost of freedom. Because society makes you pay if you are a Free Spirit.

To be an individual in a world determined to make everyone a clone is a brave undertaking. People will judge you. They will be envious. They will be cruel. Just because they can. They will do it under the guise of giving you advice ‘for your own good’. Or because they just want to see you ‘happy’. Never understanding what joy lies in the act of embracing freedom.

When you follow your own path and pursue that which gives you pleasure, the herd may be frightened. Freedom is contagious and if more of them become individuals — the herd mentality will cease to exist. So they shun you. And punish you for who you are.

You learn to take their cruelty on the chin. You understand the psychology behind their remarks. You know it has nothing to do with you — and everything to do with them — their fear, their longing, their unresolved issues. You learn to let it all wash over you.

Living within the confines of the herd never worked for you anyway. It finally comes down to this: Wolves don’t lose sleep over the opinions of sheep.

There comes a time when you stop letting the herd extract payment from your soul for their fear of you and what you represent to them.

You make your life for no one but yourself. You become freer with every decision, every step. You find like minded souls and you build a tribe, a pack. A group of people who do not make you pay to be yourself or to be free.

Freedom is never free it is said. Not for a country and not for an individual. In the end we must follow our own path with sure feet and an open heart. We must listen to The Universe who knows us better than we know ourselves. We must seek the journey to our destiny without the clamoring voices of the herd to confuse our direction.

We must be free.


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