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It would have been forty years. If we had made it. If there hadn’t been a divorce. Today was the day which would have sealed the date for all of time.

But the divorce happened. The marriage unraveled. My marriage did not survive the many assaults to its foundations.

There is no longer a wedding anniversary. Ironically the anniversary of my divorce also happened in the month of October. Done and undone all in the same month.

I celebrate and mourn —alternatively — depending upon my mood. How very conveniently arranged! To tidily put it all in one month.

Tonight I toast with my family. My cousin’s birthday — my divorce — our lives. All. The. Things. Because Life moves us on — ahead — through to the things we will experience.

Life blesses us with our journey. The pain of it reveals the joy.

I am grateful for my marriage — for 32 years — 2 fabulous children and every lesson learned. We had a good run. Most people can’t say that. I was completely blessed.

I am grateful for my divorce — for 8 years of freedom and peace and every lesson learned. Most people can’t say that. I am completely blessed.

See how that works? Exactly.


Photo credit: Zoriana Stakhniv on Unsplash

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