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  • Mel Schlesinger

    Mel Schlesinger

    Sort of retired. I am obsessed with happiness. As I write the last chapter of the story of my life, I want to share ideas on being happy.

  • Kay Bolden

    Kay Bolden

    Author of Breakfast with Alligators: Tales of Traveling After 50, available now on Amazon | Tweet @KayBolden | Contact:

  • Kaia Maeve Tingley

    Kaia Maeve Tingley

    Massage Therapist since 2002, Martial Arts Student since 1986. Ravenous reader of books, Avid amateur woodworker, and social media professional. With tattoos.

  • Kim Kelly

    Kim Kelly

    Writer. Speaker. Espresso enthusiast. LGBTQIA. I write about retirement, aging, full-time RV living, and authenticity. She/Her. Contact:

  • Robin James

    Robin James

    When I’m not writing my novel I’m writing rants and whatnot. Figured I might as well post them here.

  • Max Smith

    Max Smith

    Motivated by social justice, equality, humanity. Using words to shed light, build bridges & narrow gaps. |

  • Beth Bruno

    Beth Bruno

    Human learning to be human. Writing in hopes of getting there.

  • Dr. Christine Bradstreet

    Dr. Christine Bradstreet

    I help Type A’s find their Zen. Editor of Change Your Mind Change Your Life. I wrote a book to help you be happy. Get yours at

  • Frank Ontario

    Frank Ontario

    Kill the messenger? An eclectic, empathetic, polymath seeks oneness in all & a dash of humor. Contact

  • Lauren Lynn Bradley

    Lauren Lynn Bradley

    Lifelong ER/ICU/tele triage RN with too many letters after my name. Writing is my own personal prescription for life support.

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