First and foremost — I laughed out loud about Star Wars — and thank you for clarifying regarding the clapping thing. I thought it was me… :) I am a geek and see divinity in all things. Especially in sci-fi, Star Wars, Harry Potter….I’m going to try to fit in the new Avengers movie today. But I understand — my perspective is unique.

As far as your ‘crazy’ goes — I think all the best prophets are. Aren’t they? The people who live in their minds — seeking with their souls — in touch with energetic fields — are not in step with ‘the rest’ of humanity — with the duality. Outliers — a Voice In The Desert. The John The Baptists among us.

And Thank God — Thank The Universe — Thank Allah — Thank Shiva — Thank whoever or whatever is running the show known as life — for them. For you guys stop us in our tracks and make us remember.

I can’t tell you the number of times I stop myself these days and remember ‘The Oneness” when I am on the brink of some ‘us — them’ thing. That is all you and your whispered wisdom taking root in my now.

And I have one piece of advice about your door knob — sometimes we don’t have to wrestle with an oiled up door knob or put our shoulders to the frame. Sometimes to get a door to open — all we have to do is knock. Especially if the party on the other side is expecting us.

And you — my friend — are a very welcome guest in that house.


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned