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I was in Tucson last weekend, spending time with my cousins whom I adore. I came to the desert to lose my worries and find myself again.

Every time I step out into Nature I am in awe of what She is capable of. Here is in Earth’s most rugged place there is a serene beauty you find nowhere else.

My friend White Feather tells me the desert is a vortex of spiritual energy. I believe him. I walked among the mighty Saguaro cactus — some of them hundreds of years old and I felt it. I felt the smallness of my humanity. I felt The Oneness Of The Universe. I could remember exactly how trivial All. The. Things. on my mind really were.

The World goes on. The Universe is made up of greater mysteries than the concerns which weigh on my heart. This is too shall pass. But these cacti will still be here — long after I’ve left this Life and moved on to The Next Thing. They will stand — Guardians of the Vortex.

A walk in the desert can change the way you look at everything about your life.

Later — in the twilight — I listen to the songs of the coyotes as I drift off to sleep. Another reminder the desert resolutely refuses to be tamed by man’s intrusion. The creatures who belong to Her still rule. We remain here by Divine Grace but they are part of the desert. The desert is in their soul and infused with their magic. We are mere guests.

My time there is always too short. I return to my reality with a cleansed spirit and a rested soul. The Desert Magic healing all my broken bits.

If you ever get the chance — go to the desert. Walk among the cactus. Even Jesus understood — this is Sacred Healing Ground. This is where you come to face yourself. This is where you find yourself. This is the Road you take when you’re trying to get back home.


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