Letting what’s broken — be broken

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

She had never been particularly good at it. The Feeling of The Feelings. Something long ago broke inside of her and she had spent all of her decades on Earth making sure no one noticed.

She didn’t want anyone to think she was damaged. She wanted others to think that she was stronger than her traumas. She, above all, did not ever want to feel the feelings as deeply and painfully as she had.

But The Universe had other plans and looked her straight in the eye as one after another — the teachers came. Friends, family, even her own children, and grandchildren. They would show her how to feel the feelings and survive.

The Empaths came- drawn to her as if she was sending out an S.O.S. And maybe she was. Maybe she needed someone to help her save her soul. Because that is exactly what they did.

They taught her how deep love’s roots could grow, even in poor soil. The most resilient force on Earth — it survives even in stark conditions and harsh weather.

They taught her being strong is highly overrated and we all need each other. Even the badasses. Especially the badasses.

They taught her how to float in her emotions and to dive under the waves when they came too high or too fast. To just let them roll over her — like the tides at the beach. The storms always pass.

Slowly, she settled into her brokenness. She stopped trying to hide it from the world. She began to embrace the feelings. And not just the light, bright ones. She held her abandoned child-self. She sat with her pain. She forgave herself for all the missteps in her life. She listened to her anxiety as the early-warning system of her intuition. She stopped clinging to forces outside of herself and dove deeper into her own soul.

She listened. She felt. She exhaled. She Became.


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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