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For nearly all of My Life Home has been not so much a place but a feeling.

When I was in charge of a full-fledged Family-At-Home — the Humans I lived with always made Home — Home. It didn’t matter where we were, as long as we were together, it was Home.

After the kids grew up and the divorce happened — I had to learn to maneuver in a Life which was completely foreign to me. I was adrift. The usual compass which had always pointed me to Home had been broken.

It’s been nearly nine years now since those days. And this weekend I was completely overcome by a sense of finally — at long last — being Home. In a place. My Space.

My Current Nest contains all the good memories I brought with me from my marriage — and to be sure there were plenty of them. You don’t stay married for over 32 years without a lot of good stuff in the mix.

My Nest is also about Who I Have Grown into in the last nine years on my own.

Small things — such as the colors of the decor and the many, many plants to the fact that the only TV is rarely turned on.

Larger things — like the very prominent alter and photos of my loved ones on nearly every wall. The furniture could come straight out of Ye Olde English Pub.

I am a bit of a minimalist — there is no clutter about. Nic-knacks are scarce. The few which are displayed — treasured gifts from family and friends are there completely for sentimental value not as collectors’ pieces.

This is My Home. My Space. My Safe Haven. I have never felt physically attached to a place before. But this weekend I have come to realize that I love My Nest.

I love to be alone here. I recover here. I create here. I recharge here. My yoga mat and meditation cushion bring me closer to The Universe here. And while I am smack dab in the middle of suburbia instead of my beloved Nature — I can still catch The Vibe of Herself here in the Quiet of My Own Peace.

As I have pondered this newly discovered sense of well-being — a feeling of contentment with My Life has seeped into my bones. It has slowly wrapped itself around me like a security blanket and given me a renewed sense of peace.

For nearly nine years I have lived in this space. I have had ups and downs and all arounds. There have been many moments of angst in those years as I searched out there In The World for quick fixes to the various issues I was dealing with.

What most of us fail to understand is whatever The World is trying to sell us as a quick fix is simply bullshit. Our Lives will not be 100% fixed with the debt relief/higher education/better job/perfect Match. Our Lives will never be 100% fixed at all.

We are not here to fix Life.

We are here to Live Life. And what we really need to face all the shit Life will throw at us on a regular basis is A Place. A Place we can go to where we can feel safe. A place we can find peace. A place where we can recover and recharge.

And that place is never Out There In The World.

It’s A Place we can call Home. Maybe for you — right now — like it used to be for me — Home is your people. Your family or your Tribe. Maybe Home is a sanctuary — a place which is time out of time for you. Or maybe — as I just discovered — Home is truly, in fact, your Real Life Home. Your Nest.

Where ever you find it — step across the threshold and walk into Home on a regular basis. Put down your baggage and stay awhile. Recover. Recharge. Find peace. I promise — you won’t regret it.


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