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Nurses aren’t afraid of anything. Really.

We aren’t afraid of medical doctors, surgeons, pissed off family members, our bosses, our administrators, unit secretaries, other nurses. We aren’t afraid of EMS personnel, physician assistants, medical students, residents, nursing instructors, VIPS, or clergy.

We aren’t afraid of patients, violent patients, delerious patients, semi-conscious patients, patients in withdrawal, patients with psychiatric crisises, patients who are criminals, or criminally insane.

We aren’t afraid of patients who puke on us, shit on us, bleed on us, or strike at us with fists or feet. We aren’t afraid of patients who are children, or elderly. Patients who are dying — right this very minute or in six months.

We aren’t afraid of paperwork. Or of calling anyone out, including ourselves, when there’s a fuck up.

We aren’t afraid of sharp things like needles, scapels, trocars, wires, pins, screws and bolts. We aren’t afraid of tools or technology.

And then — there are the diseases…there isn’t a single disease out there that a nurse is afraid of. From the most contagious to the most benign, you will find a nurse caring for the victims of every disease on this planet. EVERY. DISEASE.

And last, but not least, we aren’t afraid of cops.

There is a saying: When Death Smiles — Nurses Smile Back.

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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