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I am learning a new J.O.B. — one where patients are sometimes terminal. Not that we all aren’t teminal — Life is a terminal condition. But these patients have a life limiting condition that the rest of us may not. They are gently being told their disease will likely be what is in the block on their death certificate as COD (cause of death). Or at least a contributing side effect of it will be.

Some of the patients become deeply spiritual. They face Death with grace and longing. They have an inner knowing and peace. They are ready. Others are anxious and frightened. My heart goes out to them — in their distress. Why do we make Death an enemy when She comes to all of us?

Time is all we have here. For some it will never be enough.

I might always wish for one more sunrise on the beach, or one more day in the company of the most Magical Creatures. But the decision was never mine. It is never in our hands — the hour of Our Death. It is as predestined as our birth was. A greater power choosing the timing of both.

We are here for as long as we are here. No one dies before their time. My work as a nurse has taught me that over and over again. But no one gets a second more than their time either.

So use it wisely. Every single moment. Do not dawdle in hate or misery. Do not stay stuck in that which you can not control. Find all the things that bring you joy and hold them to your heart. Include them in your Now — EVERY DAY. Every. Damn. Day. Smile, laugh, and love. As much and as often as you can.

LIVE! While you are still alive.


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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