Expect Less — Receive More

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Chop wood, carry water — it’s a fundamental Zen principal. The gist of it is this — don’t look for enlightenment in the far-off horizon, The Divine and vast spiritual experiences are available to you right where you live. In your now. Every day.

But you have to let go of the rushing about, the living in the future, the chasing of illusionary distant goals. You have to live with open hands, lower bars, nonattachment. You have to show up without an agenda.

You exist in that moment. And each consecutive moment thereafter.

The complete antithesis of modern life. We are taught to drive hard towards goals, picture the scenarios we want to happen as though they already exist, move it and shake it.

How does your life change if you wake up and just look around? If you experience your day instead of plowing through it? How do you feel if you savor your life as the meditation it is, instead of a drudgery?

There is a grace in letting go of the madness modern life insists upon.
We can come to a place in time — a place where your happiness does not depend on the actions of an external force. A place where a ‘bad day’ does not impact your peace. A place where an upheaval in a relationship does not destroy your self-esteem. A place where simply what it is— is

That place is called Now. And right Now, we are okay.

Breathe in the Now. Breathe in peace. Allow your life to unfold with the grace and blessings it was destined to have. Allow what is meant to be- to be.




Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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Ann Litts

Ann Litts

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned