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This past year has brought a lot of changes into My Life. You can go through Life just cruising along for years — it seems — and then BAM! You get hit with this whirlwind of activity. And suddenly — you are looking at a Whole Different Life.

It’s coming up on a year since I changed J.O.B.s and went from being an OR nurse to a case manager. These days I don’t even set an alarm clock, can enjoy as much coffee as I like every morning, and am free to roam about the plane and use the ladies room as needed. Huge improvements to my personal quality of life.

On the downside — I miss my coworkers from the OR — but many of my closest friends are taking wing as well and migrating on their journeys. New J.O.Bs, retirement, beach homes, cross country adventures — you name it — they have it on their to-do list!

Because The Universe is always out there sending me encouragement — as I was pondering all these happenings — I got an insight from my Zen calendar’s daily dose of inspiration:

“Wherever you are is the entry point.” — Kabir

Life begins — you enter it — every single moment. Even with the large transitions — the entry point to these events took place months, maybe even years ago with the decision to go forward. The moment in time when you told yourself — “Yes! I’m in!” and you took the step — made the call — filled out the application which set it all in motion. The Entry Point.

Our Life is lived in The Now of these entry points. We don’t have to wait for them. We can look for them. We can even create them.

Change is the one constant in Life. It is comforting in that the hard times will never last — so take heart. It is also true of the days of sunshine and grace — so enjoy them to their fullest.

Know that change will come. Embrace it — use the Entry Points offered to you. Bless their existence and see how they improve your life — Shelter from storms — Paths to light — Trap doors out of mazes — Shortcuts to rainbows. All full of Mirrors to help you see who you truly are.


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