Emotional Down Sizing

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Not that…

Nope, not that either…

Oh yeah — not going there…

And so it goes as I blissfully hit the “hide post” buttons on my FB page and curate the hell out of my relatives’ posts on my timeline.

There. Much. Better.


I have discovered as I have minimized the clutter in My Life — stuff in my junk drawer, relationships which didn’t serve me, social gatherings I didn’t enjoy — I also found the where-with-all to emotionally down-size.

All. The. Things. that used to be allowed into my space/mind/heart and took up energy are no longer let in. At. All.

I don’t even look twice at them— let alone form responses. I put all this into the same category as horror movies and soap operas. Shit I don’t enjoy and do not have time to spend precious moments on.

Awhile back, I decided I was going to enjoy all my precious moments. I was only going to feel my own emotions — I was not going to let others determine how I felt about Life.

Because when we allow others to manipulate our emotions, we give them space in Our Lives. Emotional Space they are not entitled to. We don’t have to do that. We don’t HAVE to react. We always have a choice.

Life is a journey, not a destination. we may never get there all the way. We can’t control all of the input — but we can get more proficient at our response to it.

Sigh. Shake Head. Hide Post. Scroll On.


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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