Emma — thank you for this lesson: Everyone comes at their art from their own place.

Because as with most everything — the devil is in the details.

I — old harden OR nurse that I am — have absolutely Zero Fucks to give. My trees fall all over the place — sometimes with a crash that can be heard in the next Universe, sometimes with a soft huff, sometimes they are just There…as you said — another tree lying on the ground — no sound.

But they are all My Trees. My Forest. I haven’t cared if anyone else participated in my process for years. I just burned 10 years worth of journals…my silent trees.

So maybe if you started — making the art — whatever art you made — just for you — silently for your own soul — you come at it from a different perpective. Like me.

But if you are making the art because you have a voice or a sound which is part of the art and needs expression — it’s a whole different vibe. Having feedback, discourse, interaction with other souls is part of The Art.

Wow. Mind. Blown.

Introvert Art. Extrovert Art. As Art.

Thank you so much Emma for your great response. I hope I got the thread of it right…because you really made me stop and think. And I LOVE THAT! ❤

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned