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It’s a real thing.

Those of us who suffer from it know the symptoms well.

The inability to stay put in one location for very long. Sometimes we move a lot, sometimes — as in my case — it just involves traveling. Everywhere. Often.

We own motorcycles. And convertibles. We drive with the tops down. And the windows. And the music loud. We dance in our cars.

We take the roads less traveled and care more about The Journey than The Destination. Because we know this is what gives us Our High.

We need to breathe. All the way down to the bottom of our lungs. We don’t do well with micro-managers. At work. At home. At play. In any relationship we have.

We are not afraid to be Alone. In fact, most of the time, that is exactly Our Desired State Of Being. There is no Peace quite like the Peace Of Solitude.

Eleutheromaniacs are easy enough to spot in Real Life. We are the people sitting alone at a bar or restaurant with a “Yes, that seat is taken — by my purse. So no, you can’t sit there.” Attitude. We take ourselves out to concerts, shows, and the movies. In truth, we are our own favorite date.

We are The Single Friend everyone has in Their Group. The one that bristles when you try to fix them up with your sister’s husband’s cousin’s best friend.

We are The Truth Tellers. Because we value The Truth more than The Lies. All The Lies. The ones we told ourselves which kept us chained, the ones you may tell in an attempt to manipulate, and the ones society tells to keep us in our place.

Some of us go to extremes with The Thing Which Is Eleutheromania.

I am such an Eleutheromaniac I have turned off the sound on my car’s GPS. Because, frankly, even the sound of that voice telling me where to go pisses me off.

I also have a tattoo. It was my very first tattoo. It’s the word “Freedom” written in cursive across my left wrist.

So I always remember — To chose Freedom.


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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