“Don’t Try To Grow Roses In A Parking Lot”

Rick Hansen , PhD -“Just One Thing “

Photo by Bruno Raffa on Unsplash

This is one of my favorite quotes. But then I love when Life Lessons can be boiled down to song lyrics or gardening tips.

I was inspired to write a post about this quote after I read my friend Julia’s post And the Peonies Will Bloom Before I Leave. Julia’s post is a moving piece about growing her garden, tending it, watching it be destroyed, and rebirthing it — only to move on to another place and begin the process all over again. She brilliantly parallels her backyard garden to the challenges in her life and her relationships.

I know this dance well.

The process of planting, tending and trying to grow All. The. Things. And whether you are physically putting tiny seedlings in the ground or nervously going on a first date — you are attempting to grow something beautiful. You are attempting to add joy to Your Life.

When you first start out, it’s always hard to determine what are milkweeds and what are lilies because sometimes the weeds and the perennials look the same. We have to give time — time and see what blooms.

But with experience, we eventually learn and we recognize the leaves — we become firmer in the wisdom of a seasoned gardener and we can pluck out that which chokes our most beautiful flowers and keeps them from coming to maturity.

We learn what to plant where. We learn how much tending to do. We learn how to feed, water, and prune all that needs feeding, watering, and pruning to flourish.

And the most important thing of all — We stop trying the ever frustrating exercise of growing rose bushes in parking lots.

Because even if we have the most beautiful rose bush on the face of the planet — most expensive — most fragrant — most hardy — it still will not grow if we put it where it will not be received — where there is no soil — where there is no nourishment — where there is nothing to sustain it.

Now, take this same advice and apply it liberally to the relationships in Your Life.

Where have you planted your roses? Have you planted them in relationships unwilling or unable to sustain them? Are you there still in those relationships stunted and starving?

My friend is getting her garden in order. In more ways than one. She has transplanted her metaphorical roses. They are starting to thrive under her gentle care. She is tending to herself as well — not wasting her resources on weeds and other barren plantings in her garden. As she prepares to move on to her next thing — she laments leaving this well-tended and thriving piece of herself behind.

The real truth is she can move on because she has done this work on her garden and herself. She has put in the sweat and tears necessary to weed, water, feed, and prune until she is surrounded by beauty and joy. Inside and out.

Only from this place — her lovely, healthy garden — does she have the strength to go forth.

Many blessings to All Who Garden. May Your Life grow — in Light and Love. May your roses be hardy and fragrant. May Joy and Beauty surround you.


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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