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Definition Of Disappointment = When I Wake Up & I’m Still Not At The Beach

What do you do with that? It’s not earth shattering. It’s not end of the world. It’s not even really sad. It’s just…well…disappointing.

Another human let you down. They told you one thing and did another, or were hurtful or untruthful in some manner. Maybe they didn’t mean to be, or maybe it was a small slight — depending on how well your armor is working on any given day — it might be ok, or not.

What if it’s a pattern? What if you could almost magically fore tell the way the story was going to play out before it happened? Does that make a difference? The old ‘fool me once, shame on you — but fool me twice, shame on me!’ adage… leaves us feeling somehow responsible for another’s bad manners or code of ethics.

What if it’s just a string of bad luck? The Universe acting out and deeming something is just not meant to be and no matter how many times you determine you will try to get around that — you fail. Period. Because The Universe abides by Her own set of rules and doesn’t give quarter.

Disappointment is attachment to an outcome — and the knowing the outcome you want is not going to happen. It’s you realizing you are not going to get your way. End of story.

The Dali Lama said, “Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck.”

If we do that — disappointment turns to relief. Every. Single. Time.


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