Decades of comfort side by side Her soft four legged creatures. Hours and hours spent sitting in the peace of Her woods. Seven years on the couch of a good therapist. A Life lived becoming the Mother I wished I had.

That is what it took for me to walk away from the Ghosts of my parent’s unlived lives. My mother’s cut short by lung cancer. My father’s a tribute to his battles and losses with his own demons.

In the end — even as a child — I looked at them and thought — That’s just fucked up. And knew I had to find a different path.

Every nurse I know became one to work out her own stuff. Nurses are not born — we are “made” by the traumas of our childhood. We become caregivers early on and just flow into it as a career choice because it’s secure, pays well, and it’s already in our skill set — muscle memory.

May you have a transitional experience this birthday Dear Jack. May you know you and your life are More Than the sum of others. May you always know — you can change the story whenever it suits you.

Thank you for sharing your story — which is the story of so many of us. You are not alone. No one of us is ever alone.

With love and blessings.

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned