Danger is in the eye of the beholder. I have friend on Medium here — she’s 66 — she loves jumping out of airplanes & riding half tamed horses as fast as they can carry her. I got my motorcycle license when I was 54. Most people think that’s a dangerous hobby — but to me — it just makes me Free.

The key is the voice in side who guides you. We all have our own line in the sand. You know? I’ll ride that bike 70 MPH on the open highway — but you cannot pay me enough to ride a roller coaster. LOL. I have friends who LIVE to ride more -faster-bigger ones!

To each their own level of Brave. :) But I do have to say — for me — one of the bravest things I think I did — was sing Karaoke. Thankfully the key for me is making sure the audience was completely wasted. Then choosing Gloria Gaynor’s hit, “I will Survive” Because every woman in the crowd stood up and sang along. No one even heard me. ;)

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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