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Lately, running has come up a lot in My Life as a theme. Not that I’m taking up the sport again but running as a means of escape — running as in Chasing a dream, a relationship, a goal, a way of Life.

Always Running. To something we want. Or away from something which is stalking us.

I have several thoughts about this phenomenon. Granted my experience is unique to a woman’s perspective — you’ll see why this is pertinent as you keep reading.

As little girls, we are taught a fun game of Boys Chase Girls. On the playground, if a boy ‘likes’ you — he will chase you madly around the monkey bars of all of recess. Keep in mind — he never ‘catches’ you. He always is just one or two steps behind you because The Game is The Chase. For both children. To shrieks of laughter.

Unfortunately, a version of this same scenario plays out if said child is a bully who is tormenting a victim. In this scene — only the bully does the laughing, however. But — The Game is on.

As we grow up — we are encouraged to Chase All. The. Things. which give us pleasure — which we desire. Life is a competition and whoever comes in second place is a loser.

Oddly enough — Human Nature and The Universe is perverse in their ability to set us straight.

Nothing Likes To Be Chased.

And the more we Chase a thing — the slipperier it becomes. You can feel the energy change and the hold you had on it loosen as it wiggles and twists and fights to free itself.

Because we are forgetting the very first rule we learned on the playground as children back when boys chased girls.

If you chase someone/thing you like — they will run. And the rule is this:

You will never catch them. That’s the way the game is played.

Chased Things Run. Everywhere. Every time.

Years of training animals also taught me this. If you want a dog or a horse to come to you — stand still. The moment you take a step towards them — they take a step back. Or turn and go completely. If you want a young animal to come to you — walk away from it. Puppies and foals will always follow you. It’s a pack/herd thing.

But if you chase it — you will simply frustrate and exhaust yourself in the process. You will be left raising your arms to the sky crying out to The Universe begging for relief. You will be miserable.

Trust me — I know.

After years of Chasing All. The. Things — one day I decided to stand still. And the most amazing things happened to me.

First of all — the people who trolled and bullied and otherwise mocked me for who I was — had no clue what to do with that. I stopped running from who I was. I stood my ground with a ‘So What?” attitude. If I did not run — they could not Chase — and Chasing me away from Real Ann was the only game they enjoyed. Bored with standing in place — they all drifted away to more interesting pursuits and left me to My Peace. Because I found, it took two to play The Chase Game.

I also stopped Chasing the things/people I thought I had to have in My Life. Don’t get me wrong — I still have dreams floating around out there — but I am open to My Now. I live in My Now. And I find Joy and Love and many gifts I was just blowing by in pursuit of things which always seemed to be just out of my reach in the past.

I find I attract what I need in Life. By not Chasing — I have settled into a sense of Abundance. The opposite of the feeling of Scarcity the act of Chasing engenders. I have Enough. I am Good. I can share with everyone. I trust I will always have what I need — when I need it.

Security. Love. Peace. Joy.

I am blessed. Right where I sit. The Game is done.


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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