Crystal — you are by far one of my most favorite writers. Your honesty and openness with your posts are simply gold. And that is what I want to share with you and what I’ve witnessed by reading your work. We all give ourselves away in our writing. Bits of us come through — it’s inevitable.

You have been practicing Kintsugi. Every thing on your list shows that you have been filling the cracks from your broken heart with pure gold. Will your heart ever look or feel the same? No. None of us do after we are broken but we heal in a way that is ‘art’ and stunningly beautiful. We become a masterpiece as we mend our lives.

You had quite a year. And look at you! Simply stunning! All of us who have read & followed you are cheering very loudly reading this. Little voices in our heads yelling “YOU GO GIRL!”

Remember always you are mended with GOLD. Not duct tape. ❤ You are priceless art. Each crack contributing to your unique beauty.

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned