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I am sitting there with my boyfriend — waiting for the performance to begin. It’s been a long time since I saw this show. I’m very happy to be there, in that place and time with this human. Life is nearly as sweet as it gets.

But I know in just a few moments The Universe is going to ramp my happy up just a notch or two. And She never fails me.

I look up to see Columbia, Eddie, Magenta, and The Good Doctor file in. In full dress. To the Nines. I never knew my friends could pull off fishnets with such style and grace — especially the guys. But they did. Gloriously so.

Once I stop choking I make introductions because the boyfriend has never met these people. In fact, he still really hasn’t met the ‘real’ Sherry, Eric, Amanda, and Ryan. But he now knows the depth of crazy they will plummet to in order to grasp the elusive brass ring called ‘fun’.

We settle in for what becomes hands down one of the best viewings of this particular event I can recall. The theater echoes with the voices of the audience. Items fly at the screen — even though we were warned not to do so…really? Who comes to this type of show if not non-conformist rebels? Even as grown-ups no one there is coloring between the lines.

Just look at how we’re dressed for Christ’s sake!

For two glorious hours, an entire theater was transported back to a time — some time — previously in their lives when it all boiled down to this — who was bringing the toast? And who was bringing the newspapers?

Think about it — when was the last time you let go? Let go of who you were supposed to be and became someone completely different? When did you step out of your comfort zone just for the hell of it? When did you give yourself permission to do something outrageous and fun? When did you laugh so hard that whatever you were drinking came out of your nose and you choked till tears formed in your eyes? When did you stop being a kid and start being a grown up?

Why? Why did we grow up?

“Growing old is necessary. Growing up is optional.” — Chili Davis.

No matter how old you are — today I invite you:

Let’s Do The Time Warp Again!


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Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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