Courage vs reflex. Courage you choose. Reflex chooses you. Nurses — nurse. I’m retiring this year. I will be referred to as a “retired nurse”. Because nurses never stop being nurses. We never forget the rhythm of CPR — the feel of bones breaking under our hands when we have it ‘right’. The smell of trauma — or death.

But courage you choose. You choose to stand with your people. You choose to sit shiva. You choose not to jump into the cold waters. You choose.

Your reflex still makes you a hero, my friend. Because you cared about an old lady being hurt and losing what could possibly have been her life in that bag. Old chicks are weird like that — says the old chick. An irreplaceable photo of her long dead husband…we all know that is more precious than any amount of cash. No one will know for sure — will they?

So. It is good you did not die. It is also good you are courageous — in All. The. Ways. courage calls for. ❤

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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