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Human nature is a funny thing. Satisfaction is something everyone seems to want, but no one ever obtains.

Ponder that for a moment. When was the last time you were truly satisfied? And exactly how long did that feeling last? How long did you let it last? Did you sabotage it? Or did you consciously or subconsciously enjoy the ride to disappointment?

I read a story this week about humanity’s epic ability to complain. I’ve included the original story by Joe Váradi at the bottom of this post if you care to read it. I found it to be quite an education on the human condition and the inspiration for this post.

People love to complain. They will make mountains out of molehills just for the drama of a good old fashioned feeling of being on the side of ‘done-me-wrongness’. People really do not want to be satisified. Not with life, not with their relationships, not with their pizza, not with the way they conduct their businesses. They want drama. They want feuds. They want unrest.

They chose the negative emotions. Every. Damn. Time.

Nearly every religious tradition out there warns us about this. So embedded in human nature is this tendency. Book after book has been written on this subject. The Rebel Jesus made a couple of great points which should be applied to complaints and complainers. Simple and conscise. The Man was a genius.

Number one — for the business owners — treat everyone as you would want to be treated. Golden Rule. Number two — for the customers — if someone is disrespectful of you, brush the dust from your sandals as you leave that place and never go back. Be done with that establishment.

Vengeance Is Mine Sayeth The Lord.

Which to me really means — let it go and let Karma handle the rest. She has a much finer hand and a way better imagination when it comes to giving everyone their come-uppance.

Because life is an echo. Say it with me again. Life is an echo.

Whatever you put out — you get back. Always.

We all know people who live their lives in a perpetual Eeyore state of negativity and sadness. It just seems their life sinks lower and lower with each passing conversation we have with them. They tell themselves — Life is hard. And so it is.

We also know people who enjoy life. Their energy and life force enters the room seconds before they do. They are fun to be around and raise the joy factor where ever they show up. They tell themselves — Life is fun. And so it is.

We chose. Every day. Either consciously or unconsciously the life we will live. Will you chose to be a complainer or will you chose joy? It is always up to you.


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