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Sometimes it is vague. But that’s The Gift.

Because Life — The Journey — THE WHOLE BLOODY IDEA — isn’t about the destination.

It’s about how you travel.

Do you travel with purpose? Do you take each step mindfully? Are you in the moment of Your Journey?

Don’t place such a focus on The Destination. Let it be vague, a bit fuzzy — even blurry.

Give The Universe space to create along the way — stay open to The Gifts, The Blessings, The Wonders you will see.

Don’t narrow your focus down and place blinders on. Some of the best parts of Life exist in the periphery. They are the tangents which beckon us and pull us off in new directions.

Be purposeful in Your Step and Vague in Your Destination. Allow The Universe to lead you on All. The. Adventures.

Go Now and Coddiwomple in Peace.


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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