Old endings, new beginnings


Slamming the damn door & nailing it shut

Ann Litts
4 min readJan 11, 2024


Per Merriam-Webster, there are several definitions for the word closure. But here’s the one I want to talk about today.

an often comforting or satisfying sense of finality

Closure, in my mind, is a bit of a conundrum to me. Something awful, traumatic, dramatic, or hurtful happens in life and society insists we must seek closure of the wound inflicted. And it tells us to look to the event/Human who caused our pain to heal that wound.

I’m sorry — but that’s crazy.

Stay with me for a moment…

Peace with the events of life does not lie outside of us, out of our control, and in the hands of our tormentors. Resolving hurts, healing wounds, and accepting circumstances beyond our control is a life skill we hold within our own souls.

In fact, it is vital we learn this life skill and learn it well.

Because in the course of a life, there are simply too many uncloseable events. Death, war, famine, disease…the list of Humanity’s suffering globally is vast. But even the more personal catastrophes leave their mark. Broken relationships, hidden grief, domestic abuse, addiction, financial crisis’…the list of our individual suffering can also be vast.

The hurtful events of life happen to all of us. All. The. Humans will experience pain, grief, longing, anger, and disillusionment. They are the shadows that balance our lives. A countermeasure, if you will, to comfort, joy, contentment, calm, and peace. A balance that allows us to appreciate All. The. Things. that define us as Human.

And I understand it’s hard (damn hard) to widen the lens we use in life so that we can take in the bigger picture. We are programmed by our DNA to pay more attention to negative circumstances — like the saber-toothed tiger about to destroy us — than we are to revel in the positive ones — like a good sound nap after a good hearty meal.

But both observations are vital. And if we use the common sense The Universe gave us, we will come to understand that the saber-toothed tiger is never going to apologize for the chaos, danger, and…