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Chakras and yoga and meditation all will tell you to focus on opening up your channels — and keeping them open. Popular philosophy goes we NEED to stay open. Let It Flow! Let It Go! Yadda Yadda Yadda…

I got the very best advice from one of my very best friends this week to help me heal ALL OF ME. And since I’ve been employing it — I have to tell you — it’s been rather miraculous.

I closed My Heart. Not a lot mind you — just a bit. Just enough.

My friend sent a yoga sequence from Yoga Journal — you can find it online as well at their website. It demonstrated several asanas to help you close your heart after grieving. And It is Magic.

Because the truth of the matter is this — we need boundaries in our day to day. As awful as that may sound to the wonderful, open, empathetic among us — we simply cannot survive in a The Real World completely open all the time.

We must have the ability to recognize when we need to close down shop and nurture our own battery pack. To close our own loop. And to rest in our own Love.

I was further certain this was meant specifically For Me when The Universe also threw the same article at me on FB. I have mentioned that The Universe and I are FB friends — right? She uses my FB timeline to communicate with me on a regular. So this made me double down on the concept and really take a hard look at what might at first seem counter-intuitive.

It worked.

The Inner Wisdom which speaks to me soothed me and gave me more guidance as to how to resolve a few seemingly unresolvable items. My breath continues to improve. My Clarity focuses. Real Ann settles back in.

Ironically — I feel more able to Love by doing this. I feel stronger Love for the Souls within My Tribe. I feel immense waves of Love and Gratitude for My Family. I feel completely Blessed by all The Good Things in My Life.

I feel as though I have patched a Leak Of Life Force in My Life.

The take away for me:

Pay attention to Your Life. Sometimes your friends know way more about what you need than you do. Most times The Universe will send you what you absolutely need — in duplicate — just to make sure you got the memo. And occasionally — to find Love — The Unconditional Love that only we can offer ourselves — we have to close up shop.

And that is perfectly — 100% — ok.


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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