Christianity is a cloak they wrap themselves in to elevate themselves to power and feed an ego. Progressive — or conservative. It is not LOVE. It is a label as surely as any other — A Christian will stare someone who is not Christian and ‘KNOW’ the person they are looking at is going to HELL because they are not saved. There is no gray area in Christianity for the rest of us if we do not lockstep into their belief system.

And that — is the basis for all the other beliefs they pile onto our OTHERNESS. Reaching back into the Old Testament for bits and pieces of this or that to ‘support’ whatever poison they wish to pour into society.

And they claim witches are evil. — Damn — I just guffawed when I typed that. Their ‘Tradition’ is FULL of hatful — harmful — torture of other Humans.

It has not stopped because we are centuries away from burning women at the stake. They have simply chosen a different — equally defenseless group of Humans to go after — and under current law — they are able to do so. Their Own Children.

How heinous is that? The Universe tells us the only way to overcome the hatred endemic in this world is through Love. I have a fuck of a hard time loving Christians I gotta tell ya.

But I will love the hell out all they wound. And I will pray The Universe allows the echos of their actions and energy to show them how far from the path of True Spiritual Love they have wandered. I place MY faith in Karma. And as we all know — She is a creative bitch.

That’s all I got honey. That and deep mourning for your bourbon.



Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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